Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive-review

Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive is a film that intends to be funny on funnier notes pulled off from side-lines of US troop killing Osama Bin Laden. The concept and even trailer seems interesting, but the overall package, despite of some good performances, leaves you brain-dead.

Tere bin laden

Tere bin laden

Movie : Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

Critics Rating :

Cast : Manish Paul, Sikander Kher, Piyush Mishra

Director : Abhishek Sharma

The film is an over-cooked dish with extra spices that looks impressive but tastes like something you would never want to repeat.

With ample screen space given to 2010 film Tere Bin Laden, starring Ali Zafar in lead role, director Abhishek Sharma has beautifully connected the films and made sure that nothing remains in continuity.
From US soldiers using drone as video game to kill terrorists to Olympia-e-dahshat of militants or even President of states landing in to kill Osama himself, there is barely anything that will actually give you a reason to laugh upon. I would say a complete misuse of liberties provided in the comic genres.

With a poor script and unreasonable comedy, the credit of keeping audiences alive goes to the cast which includes names like Manish Paul, Sikander Kher and Piyush Mishra. With Manish Paul juggling with his Micky Virus happy go lucky image, Piyush Mishra and Sikander Kher win hearts with their flawless acts.

Ali Zafar is in special appearance and I personally find no reason to feel special about him. Once it was a treat to watch him driving the first part, but in this one, his character seems forced and even unbearable at certain occasions.

The other thing that tries to save the film is sets. Cinematographer Chaudhary Amalendu must be praised for his special efforts to ensure every possible detailing that is required to silently enhance performance of the actors.

Considering Ali Zafar’s mastery in musical lines, it was expected that the package will have at least a good song, but when I tried to clasp it was all about quest to find some resistance to get hold on ears.

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