Facebook Expands Search

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Facebook is ready to challenge Google and Twitter for control of real-time news search and the news itself. Starting today with a rollout to US English language users, Facebook Search will return anything you’re allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages, not just your friends and Pages you Like as before.

The personalized results will be broken up to highlight posts from trusted news sources, followed by people in your network, lists of the most popular links or quotes about a topic, and then strangers.

Facebook Search SummarySimilar to how Twitter Search works, this move unlocks all the news and chatter shared on Facebook around big news stories and live events, but with a more human focus.

Not only could this make Facebook a place people look for perspectives on the news. It could in turn inspire more people to post publicly about what’s happening in the world, since there will be more ways to discover that content than in the feed.

Plus, as Google has proven, search queries indicate intent, which can be used to sell highly lucrative keyword advertising in sponsored search results.

Facebook’s VP of Search Tom Stocky admitted to me that it’s not focused on monetization yet, but “Because the business model for search is so well understood, we know it will come when it makes sense.” Considering Facebook already processes 1.5 billion search a day, there’s plenty of chances to earn some money.

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