Features and Uses of Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Did you know how a restaurant can serve dozens of patrons and fork up hundreds of dollars every hour with a POS System? POS systems are capable to save significant amount of money and time of managers and restaurant owners with training, simplifying payroll and handling cash. Whether having small or large restaurant, POS System is capable to make significant difference.

Tracking Staff
There are a lot of POS Systems which have enabled payroll features to use it for check out and check in. It delivers the information in spreadsheet form or in QuickBooks at the time of calculating payroll. There is a programmable overtime warning installed in some POS systems and input tool for scheduling and keeping employees from early clicks. Significant amount of money could be saved by the company in this way. So, when staff checks in consistently or early for shift, they have to work for extra hours than scheduled by the restaurant.

Menu Features
Living menu is the feature used by most POS systems. It creates automatic depleting system with barcode scanning of each menu item and ingredient in kitchen. For example, in case of having dinners of only two salmons, then the terminal will notify the employees automatically and help them offer other meals to the guests. In addition, this feature charges for extras automatically to the guests and enables servers to make an entry of these extras. These systems have been programmed in a way to include extra toppings or plates in the tickets automatically if management desires to charge for substitutions extra.

Floor Management
POS system has virtual representation of floor map of the restaurant for fine dining. With this feature, customers can know the table status on the go with visual system like color coding. Just by tapping on the screen, you will be able to know the availability of your desired table. This feature also helps delivery of food at the right table.

Staff Training
Restaurant POS system provides customized modules for staff training with which staff can finish all their work within no time. It has functions like quizzes and menu training, cooking procedures, menu offerings, ingredients and various offerings. They all are designed in a way that a wait staff can easily understand and serve their guests better. It also features widely-known wine training. Waiters basically get more tips by selling more wine. They get tipped according to a percentage of guest’s bill.

Handling Cash
Once POS system has entered all the orders and processed all the tickets with its cash handling integrated system, it is important to balance the cash drawer which is just matching with bottom line. With the restaurant POS System, the chances of theft or fraud are getting reduced. Hostess or cashier is given with the responsibility to hold the drawer and server is assigned to track on their individual sales. POS system is very flexible to meet all your needs when it comes to handle cash. It is easy to use and can be operated even with non-technical employee. Know more about it at http://blog.geminicomputersinc.com.

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