New Partnership of Nokia and Microsoft to Set Up Firm Competition

New Partnership of Nokia and Microsoft to Set Up Firm Competition

All people wish to hold the iPhone of apple because of its eye catching features. Now the iPhone users will enjoy advanced and new technologies because the two world no. 1 companies are moving towards to work together i.e. Nokia and Microsoft.

On this great collaboration, both companies on Wednesday said that by this special plan of working together will bring a progress in System Centre management tools and Microsoft’s combined communications.

In an occasion of Interview, Robert Anderson (Nokia executive vice president) said that their RIM is in great demand in Market of North America because of including mobile e-mail service.

By bringing the feature of full office suit into Symbian operating system, will be surely a great hope to make RIM a better one, Robert Anderson said.

In the coming period, users of Smart phones will observe the excellent outcome of this partnership. As well as, for the next year, these companies will bring a new version with the feature of Communicator instant messaging program and will be assembled into Symbain operating system.

To give a partnership form, Nokia and Microsoft have already discussed around six months ago but this partnership come into existence after completion or finalizing the whole business fundamentals.

For the moment, these two companies basically signed the contract “Anderson said”, and in this partnership; hundreds of workers from both companies will be involved.

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