Current Reports of Carbon and Its Allotropes

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Let us discuss upon a two matter which is so essential of all living organism. Titles of the two matters are Carbon and its allotrope’s. First we have some discussion on the Carbon. The specific element is a naturally abundant as well as nonmetallic element which often creates the basis of the living organism. In the universe, it is the fourth most abundant element and by the help of carbon cycle, it plays a most important role in the stability of living organism in the planet. About the carbon cycle, it is an extremely complex and shows a sort of interconnection between the organisms on the Earth.

In this planet, all the people are familiar with this element as well as with all those things in which, the specific carbon is got. Biological students know well, in the periodic table, atomic number of carbon is six and in this table it is identified with the symbol “C”. According to the study, it is stated that structure of carbon molecules, bond readily with the wide range of the other elements.

With other elements carbon form thousands of compounds. Most interesting thing about the carbon, its molecules which are got in carbon can also bond with each other in various ways and can create new- new forms of carbon. In daily life, you can notice several things; do you know the importance of carbon? Most attractive issue about the carbon, the particular element is found in every thing in the planet, for instance, you can examine it in one of most hardest substance of earth i.e. diamonds on the another side, you can observe or see it presence in one of the most softest materials of the earth in “Graphite”. Really amazing, do you. Now after getting interesting description about the carbon, also have some description about its allotropes.

In general carbon has unique chemical bonding properties; including it carbon is the most stable elements as compare to any other element. Often, it is achieved that some of the allotropes of the carbon has the ability to form naturally such as graphite and diamond. Besides these, natural elements, there are also some other elements which is manufactured by the assist of the laboratory such as buckyballs and nanotubes. Because of the abundance of the Carbon and its versatility make it a most studied material for the nanotechnology research along with these features its allotropes have a great wide range for the useful properties so it is useful for high tensile strength and high melting points.You can get current reports of carbon from

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