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According to the classical description, light is an electro-magnetic wave.  Along with it’s a changeable electric and charismatic pasture, which spreads outside or broadcasts as of one place to a different. Besides it, in respect of the light, it is not a physical substance. There is also a description available, according to the modern quantum Mechanical description, light can be also described to be Particles which is also known as Photons. In respect of this description, photons carry energy and momentum but have no mass. As both descriptions suggests, the light energy is carried by the assist of vet real and observable mechanism. But in fact, it is not called as a physical substance.

Major aspect of the light, it is electromagnetic wave which makes some assumptions in respect of nature. Even, some of these assumptions have proved less accurate as we know about electromagnetic phenomena. These less accurate assumptions can make a good discussion starting point in concern of electromagnetic phenomena. Here are two assumptions basic assumptions.

The specific assumption suggests that a frequency of Zero would mean no change in the strengths of the electric and magnetic fields. But on another side, an electromagnetic wave needs these fields should be constantly changing in order to exist. As well as the idea of a negative frequency look like Ludicrous. Now we move towards the next assumption of the electromagnetic phenomenon, the energy in the wave is constantly variable, with a minimum energy of any non-zero value, and no maximum value.

In respect of the assumption, it looks intuitive. We can notice an assumption, by looking at the sunlight and comparing its light intensity on a clear day and a cloud day. In this experience, you can easily notice, clouds block some of the sun’s energy. For instance, the desert Sun at noon, look very intense, while in concern of sun setting in northern or southern is much less noticeable. Besides it, the same sunlight comes from the same source. In respect of the properties of electromagnetic radiation there are several or numbers of theories and assumptions have been developed.  Besides it, they have been either confirm or disproved by experiment. This is one of the current reports of light. If you need more information about light then keep continue in

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