8-year-old CEO Builds a Lot More Than Lego Blocks

It has been a rollercoaster weekend for little Rhea Arul. She left APL Global School during the weekend as a fourth grader, and on Monday she returned to class as a CEO. The eight-year-old launched her company RentPlay on Sunday – an online toy store that ‘rents’ toys rather than sell them. And given the age of the founder, it was no surprise that at this company launch, a lot of things were different from the norm.
For starters, the kids outnumbered the adults. And this included a board of directors, most of whom were not over three feet tall! The welcome drinks were blue and pink.
The products on display saw five tables loaded with everything from Barbie dolls to a remote controlled Lamborghini. And before every announcement on stage, there was a different Disney-themed song intro to set the mood. We recognised Cinderella, Frozen and Inside Out before we lost track. Yes, Rhea clearly has well defined tastes.
Sporting no nerves whatsoever, the uber-short CEO took guests through her brand new website rheasrentplay.com and what’s in store for kids who like to ‘Pay less, Play more.’ That’s the tagline of her venture by the way; incidentally, it’s also a tongue twister.
Once off stage though, Rhea quickly became a kid again, playfully dunking her made-to-fit white blazer on a friend’s head before sitting down with us. City Express caught up with the 8-year-old for a quick chat before she takes on the world, or at least the world of toys… for now.

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