The Fiat 500 launch in US market


Now it’s a huge gossip about Europe’s hot hatch Fiat 500 launching in U.S. but now it officially announced. Just after Chrysler announces their plans for economic failure the company’s CEO Bob Nardelli has declared that Fiat 500 will be available soon for stateside sales, The Fiat 500 is already available in Europe with Fiat taking over five stars, they just want to see how the little Fiat 500 will do in U.S. market.

Let see this little Fiat 500 car what does in U.S. market but here few components need to changes in order to be road legal because one of its model is not qualified for sale because of its headlamps height. The 500 modify bug eye headlamps to conform its different standards, now nobody knows what changes made in U.S. market after its launch, so wait until it launch.


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