Current Reports of Current Electricity | Current Electricity

Whenever a scientific term includes several different meanings in respect of a term, often some confusion creates and confuse to the people. By this way, people goes to the conclusion that what is static and what is current? Really are! For getting, the relief from this problem, check out the various definition of the words “static electricity” and “current electricity”. […]

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Current Reports of Avogadro’s Hypothesis | Avogadro’s Hypothesis

In the year 1880, Joseph Gay-Lussac (1778 -1850) had established that whenever different gases combine chemically, often volumes of the combining gases are achieved in the ratio of simple integers. By getting this observation, Lorenzo Roman Amadeo Carlo Avogdra (1776-1856) brings a result into focus that the number of molecules in a given volume of gas at a given temperature, […]

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