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Wondering!!! What He or She Thinking About You? These Tips May Help You!

In conversations, hearing what’s not said is the most vital aspect. There is so much in communication you may not know. You can go inside the mind of people and get insight of what’s going on in their mind if you know the secrets and tricks of body language.

Non-verbal conversation is most attractive part of communication. It will double your fun if you decode it. Some body languages are used all over the world beyond the cultures and boundaries. For instance, you can identify lower status or weakness with hunched bodily expressions. When it is spread out, it shows effectiveness and power in chimpanzees and humans.

Bodily expressions are not unconscious, which is the most exciting thing about them. Expressing ourselves with body expressions is our inborn ability. For instance, baby’s pupils are dilated when her mom is near and she cries when mother goes out of sight. We have automatically developed some visual cues. But if you are not aware of things to look for, several subtleties go unidentified.

To enter the new world of communication, note down the following subtleties. A lot of such wordless expressions go unnoticed. But if you are attentive and conscious, you can upgrade your reading skills of body language and understand your near and dear ones deeper and spot the liar. These indications show the feelings, needs, and purposes of people around –

Look at the Distance
Look how far your friend is having conversation from you, because it may express his/her attitude about you. The warmer he or she for you, the closer they will talk to you.

Head Position
If the head is tilted, then the person must have sympathetic emotions. If their head is lower, it means they are hiding something from you. In some cultures, it may express respect.

Position of Arms
If the person has crossed arms, it shows that they are defensive. It may also shows that he or she is not interested on your proposals.

Size of Pupil
It is usually connected to nervous system of your body. Hence, it is a clear indicator of interest level of a person. It is almost impossible to be controlled by your mind. If pupils are expanded, it shows love, interest or fear. On the other side, if pupils are retracted, it shows indifference. Keep in mind that dilated pupils may be induced due to specific drugs or medicine.

Movement of Eyes
It is another difficult part of the body to control. Hence, it is the most accurate indicator of thoughts of the person. It is quite difficult to spot a lie. But if eye of the person is moving upside left, it shows that he must have idea out of nobody. If the eyes are turned right and upwards, it seems that the person is trying to remember. Constant movements of eyes side by side are the indicator of nervousness.

Excessive movements like biting nails, playing with watch or hair etc. reveal the feel of nervousness and guilt.

If your partner is copying your body gestures, it shows that he or she has deeper fondness and interest on you. Change your position to ensure it out and look for their change.

body language

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