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With almost all new releases, Aamir Khan is known for giving surprises. And the latest and biggest of all surprises comes on first “PK” film poster in which he is nude and placed a vintage Boombox thoughtfully. As a result, audiences are guessing what PK is going to be about.

On Thursday night, Aamir tweeted on his account “What are you thinking guys? I have butterflies in my stomach!! Tell me fast!”

Twitter fans are giving roaring response to Mr. Perfectionist about this poster. The actor has been lauded by many industry members to pull off his amazing stunts for the promotion of his film.

Karan Johar, the Filmmaker, says that it is an intense and exciting first look of RajuHirani’s most awaited #PK.  KunalKohli tweeted that it is simply amazing first look of Aamir Khan. He is trying to figure out – Isn’t that PK?

According to Vishal Dadlani, the composer, the poster is simply crazy. That poster made him curious for the film. Aamir has script-sense and sixth sense too and Raju is just a bomb. Aamir loved the mixed guesses and responses from people.

He posted that he has got interesting guesses like Alien, Drunkard, AdiManav etc. In “PK” promotions, it has also been declared that talking standees will also be used. It will be placed in cinemas. It will have the photo of actor as well as his voice in it. Aamir will talk to you when you go closer to it. The film also features Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, and Sushant Singh Rajput. According to Hirani, PK will be satire about godmen and Hindu Gods. 

pk poster

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