Secrets Revealed: Here’s How Coffee Keeps You Active All Day Long?


Coffee is that magic drink which not only wakes you up, but also keeps you up all day long. Do you know how its ingredients really work? 

First thing first, you must know that natural tiredness in your body normally comes from adenosine, which is a molecule generated by the body when it chugs throughout the day. The concentration of this molecule reduces when you sleep and produce wakefulness in your body. In short, the more adenosine your body produces, the sleepier you will feel. 

A cup of coffee in the morning hijacks this process as it contains caffeine that mimics adenosine on your brain cells. Caffeine is able to bind the receptors of adenosine in brain cells due to its same shape. Once caffeine is locked in actual place of adenosine, it cannot be able to stick along. This process prevents adenosines to grow up and make you sleepy. 

Our natural stimulants work actively in the absence of molecule which encourages exhaustion in the body. As a result, you will feel awake and energetic for a longer period.


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