Aromatherapy to relieve sinus pain – Treatment of Sinus Pain

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Sinus infection is nothing but the inflammation happening in the sinus cavity that connects nostrils to the skull due to air blockage. The symptoms of sinus infections are severe cold, chest congestion, blocked nose, mouth breathing and facial pressure. Thought doctors do prescribe antibiotics and suggest a minor operation to cure sinus pain, thanks to the introduction of many holistic healing techniques it is now possible to get rid of sinus pain. Lots of doctors now recommend aromatherapy to relieve sinus pain.

Aromatherapy involves using of essential oils extracts for therapeutic purposes without any fear of harmful side effects. This method of alternate healings believes that by using essential oils you are able to simulate the body senses and are able to establish a balance and harmony in the body which cures all the symptoms of the illness.  In aromatherapy these essential oil concentrates are mixed in carrier oil and either applied directly on the body part or the oils are mixed in boiling water and the vapors are inhaled to remove congestion.

Before trying out aromatherapy to relieve sinus pain you need to have a collection of any of the essential oils concentrate. You can select oil based on your skin and what best suits your need. Generally to relieve sinus infections eucalyptus oils, lavender oil, tea tree oil, peppermint or rosemary oil is generally recommended. To prepare aromatherapy oil mixture that will help you in getting relief from sinus following steps needs to be followed:
•    Proper selection of carrier oil that best suits your skin type is the first important step towards aromatherapy treatment
•    You need to pour about 20 milliliter of this carrier oil in a dark colored bottle preferably blue or brown in color
•    Next you select an essential oil and put 8-10 drops of this essential oil in the above bottle and shake it well to form a mixture and store the oil by shutting the lid of the bottle tightly
•    Usually following combination works well for curing sinus
o    If you are facing severe congestion than you best bet would be to mix two drops each of eucalyptus oil and rosemary oil and use it on your nose, neck and chest. Also apply these oils on your face and your forehead and experience instant relief
o    If you are experiencing severe nose blockage and feeling uncomfortable aromatherapy can come to your rescues in form of 1% peppermint oil that should be gently massage on your temples for soothing effect. Also massage your eyebrows and also apply a little oil under the cheekbones that will also help immensely in decongestion.
o    Before going off to sleep take eucalyptus oil vapors that will help you in getting a good night rest.
o    You can even put 2-3 drops of essential oils in a napkin and keep on inhaling it whenever you feel uncomfortable.
Aromatherapy to relieve sinus pain is not recommended for persons suffering from asthma. These oils should be protected from heat and should be kept away from children. So make use of this holistic healing technique to get rid of your sinus infections.

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