Chiropractic care for infants

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Since last couple of years there has been lots of sensational news in the media about the chiropractic care for infants that have caused potential spinal chord damages. There has been a lot of doubts in the minds of people about chiropractic care and whether this is needed for kids and infants. Chiropractic care for infants is a must as it is not just a back pain treatment procedure but it helps in correcting subluxation that are needed by our body to maintain a healthy position that helps in performing all the body functions correctly.

Researches reveal that chiropractic care for infants not only help the colic child but also help them in later life by preventing the onset of certain diseases like scoliosis. According to leading gynecologists about 60-90 pounds of pressure is exerted by a mother to deliver a child by natural birth which can have severe effects on subluxation. Therefore it becomes all the more essential for your newborn’s vertebral subluxations gets checked by a Chiropractor. This will ensure a healthy life for your infant as it will free the chances of nervous disorders happening in your child. Getting infants spine checked by a chiropractor is a painless, short and easy process which assures of lot of mental peace as even an apparently healthy child can suffer from traumatic birth syndrome. Chiropractic care for infants will ensure that the infant is having a sound nerve system. Problem in nervous system can later on cause various problems like headaches, learning disabilities, difficulty in reading and writing and other problems

Chiropractor’s approach of how to deal with the infant’s spinal chord or other problem is based on the logical connection between the spinal chords anatomical structure and its relation with the physical wellbeing. Chiropractors are highly skilled in understanding the physiological and bio-mechanical functions  that are needed for healthy growth and development of a child and properly regularizing the homeostasis.

Another tangible benefit of chiropractic care for infants is the fact that at early stages of bone formation it is easier to check the alignment of joints and get them properly adjusted. Besides it being a virtually a painless procedure kids won’t be scared of meeting a chiropractor unlike his doctors whose appointments always bring on teary scenes. Before taking your kid to a chiropractor always check his credentials and select chiropractors who have had maximum experience in child care.

The other great things about kids getting chiropractic care is how easy it is. Kids’ joints adjust very easily and they don’t need many adjustments before their body learns the proper alignment. And it’s fun! Every small kid I have always attuned giggles subsequently. It doesn’t harm and it’s not terrifying In fact, I be familiar with one toddler who refuses to see her pediatrician without kicking and screaming, but will literally run into the arms of her chiropractor. Kids have an innate sense of what is best for their body, and they know chiropractic helps them with that.

So, take your kids in for a check up. Make sure you see a chiropractor who is comfortable treating children, because, as much as we love them, kids do come with their own unique set of complications. In my office, we often check the kids for free when the parents come for treatment. It’s that important to us that these young bodies are put on the right pathSinus infection is nothing but the inflammation happening in the sinus cavity that connects nostrils to the skull due to air blockage. The symptoms of sinus infections are severe cold, chest congestion, blocked nose, mouth breathing and facial pressure. Thought doctors do prescribe antibiotics and suggest a minor operation to cure sinus pain, thanks to the introduction of many holistic healing techniques it is now possible to get rid of sinus pain. Lots of doctors now recommend aromatherapy to relieve sinus pain.

Aromatherapy involves using of essential oils extracts for therapeutic purposes without any fear of harmful side effects. This method of alternate healings believes that by using essential oils you are able to simulate the body senses and are able to establish a balance and harmony in the body which cures all the symptoms of the illness.  In aromatherapy these essential oil concentrates are mixed in carrier oil and either applied directly on the body part or the oils are mixed in boiling water and the vapors are inhaled to remove congestion.

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