Meditation tips to improve memory and concentration

If you have trouble in concentrating on your work or while study then do not worry as you are not alone. With today fast pace life people can easily get distracted. With the help of simple steps you will be able to recharge your mind and reclaim your focus back.
Eliminate Distractions
If you really want to concentrate then it is important to eliminate distractions. But at time a thing that is distracting one person does not distract other person. For example, some people listen to music for concentrating while for some people that thing does not work out. Therefore, you should identify reason behind your distractions. You can look for anything from noise to phones to people, anything that you find annoying.
Take regular Break
It may seem counter productive to concentrate but letting your mind wander and indulge in a change for few minutes can be very beneficial as it will help you refocus when you return to the task at hand.
Exercise helps you to ease tension and make you go long way towards improving the concentration. If you exercise in morning or evening take a quick five minute walk when you need a break. Exercise help you away stress of looming deadlines and let you think clearly.
Build up Your Stamina
It may sound something athletic to so, you can apply it to focusing on a task. If you are having tough time staying focused enough to finish a task you should simply push yourself a little farther. For example, set a small goal to work for more 5 minutes or read 5 more pages of a book. By doing this your mental stamina will improve tremendously.

With the help of Regular meditation you can keep your mind sharp. Mediation is kind of exercise for the brain. Meditate is a alpha state level of consciousness that promotes healing state.
•    Meditation and stress relief importance
•    Decrease metabolic rate, lower heart rate and lowers blood pressure level
•    Lowers levels of cholesterol and lactate-2, both these chemicals increases stress.
•    Reduce radical’s damages to the body
•    Improve skin resistance that lowers higher stress and anxiety
•    Help in reducing high cholesterol level that come with stress
•    Reduce stress that  lead to cardiovascular disease
Our lives are overloaded
Nowadays our life is more stressed than ever before therefore, meditation allows us to step back from the race and help us achieve time out. Meditation not only counters stress but also help to enrich your lives and well being. Benefits of meditation are as follow,
•    Increases brain wave coherence
•    Relives anxiety
•    Improves memory and concentration
•    Decreases irritability and improves mood
•    Encourages creativity
•    Increases emotional stability
•    Gives a feeling of happiness
Today according to the estimation around 5 percent of people in world practice some form of meditation and it is believed that this number will increase as health benefits of mediation is realized by large number of people.

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