Sperm or Semen: Discovery of Artificial Semen or Sperm and Creation of Artificial Sperm or Semen

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What is Sperm or Semen?
Sperm is male reproductive cell. Sperm is used to birth a child in uterus. Sperm is surrounded by cellular material.

Definition of Semen or Sperm
Male ejaculates a liquid at the time of his intercourse is called semen or sperm.

What is Sperm or Semen motility?
Semen or sperm motility is the movement of semen towards an egg. With the process of semen motility, pregnancy happens.

Discovery of Artificial Semen or Creation of Artificial Sperm
Scientists have created artificial sperm or semen. Scientist says that they can know better information about man semen with the help of this artificial sperm discovery. They have discovered sperm for man kind. Government have totally prohibited or banned on sperm production on women uterus.

Scientist Views on Artificial Sperm
Scientists desire to help those people; those are not having proper cells for birthing a child. They have totally refused this statement, that they have not discovered artificial sperms for birthing a child. They have discovered artificial semen for researching more and more semen cells.

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