Current Reports of Global Warming: Reason, Destruction and Effects Global Warming

Earth is only one planet where weather gets change. Weather is the cycle of different conditions of earth and sky. Weather gets affected by sun light; moon light, atmosphere temperature, gravity, and ocean. Every country is having different weather conditions. Weather should get changes according to season, but it is not happening. Every thing is not going fine, now scientist has found the natural process of raining and they will make rain with the help of cloud.

Nature is changing day by day due to our natural damages. Global warming is one of the biggest and crucial issues for all over the world, still world is sleep. When we all know that sun is coming near to us for global warming and Antarctica is melting day by day and it will be melted completed in few years. So just open your eyes and think for global warming first. Sun light provides life to all over the world, but it can also create die for all over the world.

Reasons of Global Warming

1.    Holes in Ozone Layer are one of reason of global warming. Ozone layer is 16 Km upward from our earth. Ozone layer prevents our earth from the unconditional and impure light of sun. Ozone layer is getting holes because of pollution and damages of natural things.

2.    Pollution is effective reason of global warming.

3.    Trees damage is the reason of global warming.

4.    Chemical production is being done in sky or earth.

5.    Water level of earth is getting down.

6.    Practices of Bombs and atoms can destroy our nature.

Why Stop Global Warming

We don’t have another planet to go after getting global warming from sun. Weather changes, oxygen and water are only available in earth. We all know that 70% area of the world has been coved by ocean (Water). When snow gets melted then this percentage become higher and higher till 85 to 90%, then where will get place to shift all the people of the world. So think now, we are already late.

Effect of Global WarmingDestruction of Global Warming

1.    Earth will become hell after global warming. Sun will get closer to earth and you will not be protected by Ozone layer and different types of diseases can affect to any person or every person of the world.

2.    Ocean will flow in the city, because when all snow will be malted then flood will take place and flood water goes into seas and ocean come out from their boundary and entire world will be inside the water.

3.    When climate get changed then animals get killed by nature. We are having some methods to live in warm but in forest, who is going to save them. Animal will died because of sun light and if they get saved then they will be destroyed by flood water.

4.    Beauty of the planet will be destroyed. Wild animals, trees, flowers, grasses and beautiful hills and lands will be destroyed.

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