Do Aliens Really Exist on Earth? UFO Seen in Brazil and Germany



A suspicious triangular UFO was caught on footage when a person making a video of his child. It was flying over the sky in Germany when he was capturing his son playing on a park. This video makes an age-old question come alive. It was taped in Kassel county of Germany on 26th June 2014. 

The face of kid was blurred by the person and the UFO was clearly seen on the sky. These are the reasons why this video seems to be real. The shading and lighting on UFO also matches the bars and trees. However, whether this video is real or not is still a debate. Meanwhile, this video is declared real by Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily website.

Another video is taped on the UFO hovering along the sky of Brazil and South America. It was taped recently on August 8 when an uninvited guest was spotted to land on Earth. This video features four unusually glowing lights hovering in the night sky sharply. They must be the lights of UFOs. It has made a great curiosity among people.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, these unidentified flying objects were buzzing and finding something around the top floors of buildings in a neighborhood.


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