Patanjali product sales soar in Iraq, Syria after Baba Ramdev’s comments on beheading

After stoking huge controversy over his remarks that he could’ve beheaded those who didn’t chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai if he weren’t law-abiding, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has reason to smile – the products of Patanjali Ayurved have recorded an unprecedented spike in sales over the past few days in Iraq and Syria.

“It’s amazing. First, we trounced all the MNCs in India and now, with this new Patanjali wave sweeping Iraq and Syria, we’re well on our way towards conquering the middle east. Babaji’s remarks seem to have caught the fancy of quite a few folks in this part of the world. There have been bulk purchases and it’s now time for us to ship our next lot of cartons,” a spokesperson for Patanjali told The UnReal Times.

Sources in the Indian mainstream media have briefed the government about a missive sent to them from the region. “Just purchased a tonne of Atta Noodles, Dant Kanti, Kesh Kanti, Soundarya Facewash and what not. They’re all amazing! More power to Patanjali. Keep em’ coming! Love, Big Daddy” a line from the note apparently read. In its post script section, the note is also reported to have a request to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to transport a full load of Patanjali products each time she sends ships or jets to rescue Indian nationals from the region.

Geopolitical experts, however, feel that apart from the beheading remark, the Yoga guru’s perception of homosexuality as a disease could have also resonated within the region, thereby presumably contributing to the massive sale. “Somehow, he managed to trounce all the corporates and their conglomerates in India. Now, he’s taking India-Iraq and India-Syria trade to a new high. What is the aasana of his success?” a journalist in the region wrote in his latest editorial.

Ramdev’s rather unconventional strategy has managed to impress some in the Indian mainstream media too. CNN-IBN news editor Raghav Chopra has since tweeted a photoshopped picture of Saudi Arabian King Salman bowing down to touch Baba Ramdev’s feet, with the caption “Coming Soon.”

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