Whatsapp Brings Full Encryption to All Messages, Including Voice, Text, File & Videos

Jan Koum, co-founder of Whatsapp left Ukraine (then USSR) when he was 16 years old, and relocated to USA with his family. One of the primary reasons for this migration was the fact that Ukrainian citizens were not able to talk among themselves. The existing Government was so strict in surveillance, that they recorded and heard every conversation happening between any citizens.

Koum knows the pain and the fear which such diktat brings along, and this is the reason he has decided to make Whatsapp free from such threats, for ever.

In a historical decision, which would be remembered as a landmark, unprecedented in recent times, Whatsapp has announced that every message exchange on their platform would be now encrypted.

In layman terms, this means that if Jack send a message to Alice on Whatsapp, then besides Alice, no one would be able to access that message; not even Whatsapp.

In their blog post, Whatsapp declared, “Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed a technological development that makes WhatsApp a leader in protecting your private communication: full end-to-end encryption.”

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