Sushma Swaraj Wasn’t Allowed To Tour Foreign Countries Because I Wanted Her To Help Indians Distressed Abroad: Modi

Calling it his masterstroke, Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally raised curtain from one of the darkest kept secret of recent times. Indians always wondered why our ‘Foreign Minister’ wasn’t allowed to visit ‘foreign’ countries, while Modiji continued with his never-ending international tour juggernaut. Now we know why he did this, it had a well thought purpose! Sushma Swaraj cries as Narendra Modi is seen leaving India for another foreign tour without taking her along.

In a brief (one-way) conversation with reporters today in Lutyens, Modiji revealed that he wanted Sushmaji to solve problems of Indians distressed or stranded abroad, using twitter from her laptop, that’s why he didn’t let Sushmaji accompany him during foreign vacations. you would remember that Sushmaji’s family members had written an open letter to Modiji, requesting him to allow Sushmaji enjoy a couple of foreign tours. In reply Modiji had trolled Sushmaji on social media mocking her misery. The cold war between Modiji and Sushmaji didn’t stop here, with Sushma Swaraj hitting back strongly├é┬áduring Modiji’s UK trip. Even India’s former ‘Ibn Battuta’- Pratibha Patil joined Sushmaji in taking a dig on Modiji. “Well, that’s not true. I did tour strategically important countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.even Pakistan!” answered Sushmaji when Teekhi Mirchi asked for her reaction.

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