Didn’t need Priyanka to enhance my life: Robert Vadra

The businessman who has campaigned for Gandhis in the past, hinted that he may join active politics.

New Delhi: Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said would never leave India and was capable of withstanding pressures both political and otherwise because of the strong support of his family.

” I am born and brought up here, would never leave my country, even if I am humiliated. No matter what the government says, I have the ability to sustain and to absorb. I have a very strong and good family which gives me strength,” he said.

Vadra who has often played a secondary role to his wife in the social and political life said, “I didn’t need my wife Priyanka to enhance my life, I have enough, I have always had enough. My father gave me enough. I have been educated enough to sustain myself in all kinds of situations.”

Asserting that the people of the nation are wise enough to comprehend the veracity of the present circumstances enveloping the country, Robert said Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government “will witness a major revolt” in the near future.

“I wish the government all the best, but I think people will revolt against it as they know what is right and what is wrong,” he said.

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