France bans prostitution

In a historic declaration, the French lawmakers on Wednesday passed a controversial law that makes payment for sex illegal. The verdict also imposes fines of up to €3,750 ($4,270) on clients of sex workers.

Staging a protest outside the Parliament were 60 sex workers, claiming that the passing of the law will affect the lives of 30,000 sex workers. Some even protested carrying a banner, reading,’Don’t liberate me, I’ll take care of myself!’. Another read, ‘Sex work is work’.

France becomes the fifth country, after Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Britain, to punish clients of sex workers. Meanwhile, socialist lawmaker Maud Olivier, who is the designer of the Bill said that sex workers should be seen as victims and not delinquents.

If caught, the clients will have to undergo a course about the conditions faced by sex workers. This will also help workers to find a suitable job fo rthemselves.

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