Rakhi Ka Swayamvar: Rakhi Sawant will marry with a Canadian Named Elesh

On 2 Auguest 2009 at 10.50 PM GMT Rakhi has choosen his bridegroom Elesh. After one month television channel program named “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”, Rakhi will get married with Ilesh. Rakhi Ka Swayambar program started on television as a live program of Swayambar.

Ilesh is a Canadian and he is businessman. After alots of examination, which was taken by Rakhi Sawant? Ilesh finally passed all exams and will get married with Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Said, she got noticed Ilesh from the very first day.

Ilesh is very innocent boy. He was very good in front of camera or out of camera. Many preconditions were with Ilesh and finally he got passed in Rakhi Ka Swayambar exam. He is the man of Rakhi now.

Ilesh was present at the show with his family and all people blessed Rakhi for her marriage. Ilesh can not speak Hindi properly; still he has tried a lot to speak Hindi for Rakhi.

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