LG G3 Review: The Flagship Android Smartphone with Rock-Solid Specifications

LG G3 Review

It seems like LG has brought all good things in its flagship model G3 which is one of the most awaited Android smartphones ever. For 16 GB version, the introductory LG G3 price is Rs. 47,990. All in all, LG G3 is here to gratify all your wishes from a future-proof smartphone. Read our LG G3 review to know more. 




Display &Design

With 5.5 inches of screen size, the display is quite larger than G2. In India, this is second smartphone which features Ultra HD 2560x1440p resolution, and pushes pixel density to mesmerizing 534ppi.  The brightness levels are stunning on IPS LCD display.

Despite being slippery, the device feels premium to hold and looks quite elegant. It seems to be inspired from HTC One M8. It doesn’t have side buttons, except an IR blaster on top along with headphone jack and USB port.

Back panel features brushed metal texture making it feel and look quite plush. It has ergonomic rear mounted buttons and you can easily find right button instead of fumbling more.

lg g3 features

LG G3 Features

Apart from design, its interface underwent a significant overhaul. LG finally features visually beautiful user interface. Icons and menus show the new ‘flat theme’. The look of animations and toggle switches along with color schemes are seriously remarkable. As far as functionality as concerned, LG comes with Quick Remote and QSlide which are its tried and tested apps.

It also allows users to lock their private files so that only they can view them. Your storage can be scanned with smart cleaning and remove temporary and unwanted files to have extra space. You can easily see the apps last opened as it presents recent apps view in different way. With having powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU, it has either 3GB or 2GB of RAM, as per the model. The 16 GB model comes with 2GB RAM.


The OIS 13 MP Camera has been fettled and twisted to capture better quality pictures. Along with it, we have laser-sharp autofocus which is extremely fast when it comes to lock its focus on objects. Its UI is a lot simpler to navigate along and use. It delivers better low-light performance as compared to Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Its 4K recording really works simply well and it can record even in slow motion at 120 frames per second.


LG G3 is one of rarest smartphones in the country for supporting 4G LTE network. It also provides 2G and 3G connectivity options along with some goodies like Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi ‘ac’, IR, NFC, GLONASS, USB OTG and wireless charging. It also gives you some other tools like ThinkFree Viewer and McAfee Security for added security. From LG SmartWorld store, you can download and install more LG Apps.


It is good news for you that it doesn’t eat too much battery thanks to 2K display as compared to Oppo Find 7. Though it is not so good as compared to G2, but you can stillexpect usage for full day.


When it comes to flagship Androids, LG G3 is a nice pick at Rs. 47, 990. With rock-solid feature, it is backed with stunning build quality and design. Hence, it is highly recommendable device. To be honest, its 2K display may not be something that can change your life. But it is still excellent to start with. Premium feel and look, 4G LTE and camera are some of the reasons why we recommend this futuristic mobile device.

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