Mobile Demand Mag Stripe Reader | Greatest Techno Product

This exceedingly technical product finished with USB, which is used to supply power to this stripe reader with great and amazing touch. So, there is no requiring offering outside power supply to this reader.

They are in reality providing this Amazing Mobile Demand Mag Stripe reader with dual & three track capability that create it different from other readers. Reads encoded cards & Bi-directional capability, which get together ISO/ANSI/CDL/AAMVA standards, are also supplied next to with this reader.

The substantiation card is in truth an impressive procedure. This strip reader obtains more than thousands of passes with ISO to create certain a card reader. USB keyboards emulation, dual color LED, standard HID or keyboard emulation, are also added with this cheap mobile reader.

Xomobo Ltd
Charnwood House,
Longdown Road,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3JL, United Kingdom
UK customers tel.: 0207 096 8420
+44 207 096 8420
+1 (646) 290 8036
Fax: +44 (0) 1252 723119

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