Panasonic release 7 New LCD TVs with HDD


Now Panasonic introduce R series now in which they added 7 new LCD TV, they launch 17, 20, 32, 42, 50 56 inch LCD TV. The Panasonic release it in two category 250 GB and 500GB. Its 17, 20 and 37 full HD is available with 1366 x 768 resolution and its 32 and 37 inch model has 250GB HDD, WSeg, IPS? panel with a 120Hz speed feature while 17 and 20 inch only feature IPS Panel and WSeg.

IF you not satisfy with 250GB HDD then move to its next models 42, 50, 56 inch which is basically has similar feature as 37 inch model but it has 500GB HDD which make it different from lower category.


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