MSI X340 Super launching in Japan


MSI is going to introduce a new attractive model of Notebook PC’s “X340 Super” just 20 mm and with a surprising thickness. It is available with attractive Glossy 13 inch (1,366 × 768) LCD panel with strong visuals which is good for movies and videos. It has 320 GB HDD and 2 GB of RAM. This will enable it to work fast. It will be available in three colors White, Black and Silver. It is coming with Windows Vista ® Home Premium SP1. Its weight is only 1.3 Kg. so it is easy to carry. Its price is approx. 100,000 YEN which comes approx. 500,000 INR. These all factors make it an attractive thing but we will have to wait for 6 June 2009 when it will be available by MSI.


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