New release of LG Full LED LCD HDTV Add a New Film Lamination Technology

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Most people would like to thanks to that particular day, when new LCD TVs had been first introduced. Really, in television history, the LCD TVs brought excellent revolution development for entertainment. Slimness quality of LCD TVs is so appreciable and noticeable as well as after introducing in market, these LCD TVs has increased standard of appearance of our living rooms. In recent the LG is up with its much advanced LCD TVs as well as this Full LED LCD HDTV is latest release of LG.

Most interesting thing about this new release of LG, it is much or less thin like a single thin sheet of glass. In CEDIA 2009, this specific LCD HDTV has been splash and for buyers, this new HDTV’s SL90 series come with two options 42″ and 47″ measurement by the courtesy of LG. As well as, these two HDTV’s has added with feature of LED lighting and some other excellent display technologies.

For giving excellent viewing experience, the LG has employed a feature of single-layer design along with a narrow bezel. After having the LED HDTV, you will experience a best display and viewing experience and your guest will consider that you have selected very best for your living room.

Besides it, much more about this gadget, LG has added a new film lamination technology that is used as for improving color tuning, diminishing of glare, to make better gradation and all these features have been added in a single package. In market, this two 42″ and 47″ models will be available soon for $2,099 and $2,599 in that order.

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