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media_especial_panama, Panama City, panama, city of panama, city, panama town, current report of panamaThe township of Panama was established on the 15th of august 1519; by Pedro de Avila. In a couple of years of the coming of Panama being, the town turned out to be a launch pad for the discovery and conquering of Peru and a convenient point for gold and silver shipped and heading towards Spain. In the year 1671, a Welsh pirate named Henry Morgan, with the aid of a bunch of 1400 men, raided and looted the Panama, which was later on disintegrated by fire. The remains of the old city still persist and have become a popular tourist enticer called Panama la Viejo or old Panama.  Panama was renovated in 1673 in a fresh locale about 5 miles (8.0 km) due southwest of the former Panama city. This locale is now called the old quarter or Casco Viejo of the Panama town.

The city of Panama on the whole has played a very important role in the building of modern America. In the war affected World War 2 areas the Panama Canal played an all important role for the Americans; who had to combat scourges like Yellow fever and Malaria. Were it not for the Panama City and Panama Canal; things would have become laborious for America.

In 1848 the CA Gold Rush gave rise to the Panama Rail road company and became operational in 1855. Amidts 1848 and 1869, the year the initial transcontinental railroad was operational in the United States, a whooping 375,000 people crossed the isthmus enroute Pacific from the Atlantic and 225,000 to the contrary. The people commuting did much for the development of the Panama City. However, in the year 1964 there were riots in Panama City; coinciding with the World War 2. Further water for drinking was abundant in the Panama due the ever prolific Panama Canal. The city of Panama is such that it vibes well the country folks as well. In fact a country dweller would feel quite at home in a city like Panama. By the same token it goes quite the same the other way also. The mornings and evenings are often pleasant in the Panama City; however the afternoons are sometimes humid. Florida needs no introduction as being a port city to reckon with. People frolic from around the globe to a state like Florida and want to linger on there, even after vacationing. The ambience of the port city of Panama is worth a visit. The Panama City has interests of geological and historical importance as well. Panama City has everything for everyone any time of the year.

In the beginning the masses in general thought that the city of Panama is just for sight seeing, however the early 1700 and all through the 1800s the city of Panama showed its mettle in the field of banking as well. The Forex market soared in the city of Panama. A seed well sown; reaps ripe fruits in a short time. This sort of a thing continues to pay rich dividends; if one has played his/her cards well. The city of Panama has it all, provided you don’t let the game out of your hands. Rolling hills and jutting cliffs are to be seen all around the shores. Once you have been to Panama City; you are quite unlikely to forget Panama’s scenic beauty. Panama City lures people from far and wide; since the Panama City is so enthralling and this goes for things apart from monetary benefits. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans are vital for any seafarer dealing in business; so the city of Panama becomes a key city to any person with mediocre intellect. As for a dwelling place the city of Panama; provides for excellent growth of every conceivable crop and fruit. On the whole the city of Panama is self sufficient and imports nothing. Motor Vehicles are obtainable easily in Panama from places like DTW or Detroit and that’s quite feasible. There are stop over’s by every leading airway in the city of Panama; so commuting by air is no issue at all in Panama. With a little vigilance on the waterways; militarily also Panama is comparatively safe. Topographically also Panama City has its advantages and it shows on the gleaming faces of its dwellers. Go to Florida by all means; however don’t forget to go to a city like Panama. Panama City dwellers might go vacationing to any part of the globe; however they make it a point to come back to Panama. Over a period of time one tends to get addicted to the Panama and it’s worth the while. It’s like coming home for a picnic each day after work.  That’s what is special about Panama City dwellers and this is what makes life heaven on earth to them. Come to Panama City for a vacation and become a citizen of the city of Panama soon. You can turn your dream of sleeping on a bed of roses into reality; by residing in Panama. Panama City gives more than it shows. However, you need to be a go-getter to get what you want. The city of Panama has all the ingredients to make an easy living; for both an entrepreneur and a layman. The thing is how one makes use of all the available resources. This is one of the current reports of Panama City. You can get more reports from

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