Green Revolution’s father “Norman Borlaug” dies at age 95

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Most hurtful news for all the country because in this week Green Revolution’s Father died, all people know the importance and effects of Green Revolution. By the assistance of Green Revolution, many countries have got great tremendous progress in their food production as well as this Green Revolution has been prevented the condition of food shortage.

In India, this Green Revolution has helped a lot by the assistance of great effort of Norman Borlaug; India got high-yielding as well as disease-resistant wheat. Including most appreciable thing about the Green Revolution, it has doubled the wheat production of India along in India the problem of food shortage has finished at large extent.

In reference of the Green Revolution’s father “Norman Borlaug”, he died at age of 95 year old in Dallas, Texas from the cancer complications. About the achievement of Green Revolution’s father “Norman Borlaug”, he got so many achievements like in 1970 he honored by the Nobel Peace Prize for giving his great contribution towards world peace by increasing food supply. In an International agriculture University, the ‘Norman Borlaug” is well known as Professor.

As well as the “Norman Borlaug” has honored in 1977 by the Presidential Medal of Freedom and in year 2006, he was awarded by Congressional Gold Medal as highest civilian of the United States. Including it, in India he was a recipient for Padma Vibhushan and got second highest civilian honor from India.

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