Hebrew University presents new discovery to treat disorders of consciousness

<img src="http://www.currentreports.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Hebrew-University-presents-new-discovery-to-treat-disorders-of-consciousness.jpg" alt="Hebrew University presents new discovery to treat disorders of consciousness" />

Now by the assist of a new research the anesthesia and anesthesia-like conditions can be controlled. The anesthesia and anesthesia-like conditions include several states of losing of consciousness like a reversible coma. A major thing about this research, this unique study has come into focus through the “Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scientists”.

In a particular Magazine of Neuroscience, a special report has been published; the new research is the outcome of Scientists Marshall Devor, Pain Research’s Professor Seymour Alpert, Ruth Abulafia a graduate student and by assistance of Dr. Vladimir Zalkind research associate. According to this Published Magazine of Neuroscience, all these contributors and assistant of research has discovered an area of brain which takes participation in the management of “alert status”.

Normally, the Losing of pain response and losing of consciousness are the two great hurting characteristics of Surgical anesthesia along with anesthesia like conditions for instance reversible coma, Syncop( fainting) and concussion. Often, the surgical anesthesia and anesthesia like conditions cause because of dispersed drug action and nutrient starvation.

In recent the Hebrew University Scientists has discovered a group of neurons in the base of brain which have executive control upon the alert status of whole cerebrum and spinal cord. By the assist of this discovery, loss of pain sense, loss of consciousness could be generated again.

But this specific discovery has come after research on laboratory rats and it is not certainly sure that the same result will be with man, besides it this new discovery may contribute a lot in the field of medical science and help a lot for treating the disorders of consciousness.

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